The Importance of Special Education in Down Syndrome

Like every human being, individuals with Down Syndrome, who have genetic differences, have the right to education. The right to education for special children living in Turkey is guaranteed by the Regulation on Special Education Services and the Decree Law No. 573 on Special Education. In fact, babies with Down Syndrome can benefit from free supportive education services from the moment they are born.

With a good education, individuals with Down Syndrome can make friends, go to school and even get a job, just like other people. The most basic principle for making progress at this point is to start special education at an early age. For example, communication and speech support in special education classes started at an early age helps prevent the child from speaking late. The continuity of the education and close follow-up of the child is also very important for achieving positive results.

Before the process begins in Down Syndrome education, a program specific to the child is created based on the child’s needs. The medical board report is the most important identification tool at the beginning of the process. This report concretely documents the capacity and educational needs of the individual in need of special education. In the next steps, special education is initiated to ensure the social, emotional, cognitive and motor development of children with Down Syndrome.