Scope of Education

There is no known definitive cure for Down Syndrome. With social and cultural support, the acceptance of these individuals and their quality of life can be increased with appropriate education programs.

DOSD Meram offers a customizable education with its own unique method.

In order to provide support education and rehabilitation services at the DOSD Center, educational evaluation and diagnostic procedures must be completed. If Down Syndrome is diagnosed in medical diagnosis, educational evaluation is required. In order for your child with Down Syndrome to be placed in the least restrictive education environment and to benefit from support special education, it is essential that you apply to the guidance and research center directorates (RAM) in your district. In the educational evaluation and diagnosis process, the child's characteristics in all developmental areas, competencies in academic disciplines and educational needs are determined, and the least limited educational environment and special education service are decided. In line with this decision, with the Special Needs Report for Children (ÇÖZGER), the individual with Down Syndrome benefits from special education services financed by our state, free of charge.

In this context, special education support programs and education and rehabilitation services are offered at the DOSD Center. Support education program is the services provided to children with Down Syndrome who benefit from a school program, but who also need special education or who want to receive individual and/or group education on a certain day and time of the week. It consists of systematic package programs carried out in the institution 2-3 days a week. Children receive individual and/or group special education services in academic, communication, social interaction and other areas for 2 consecutive sessions each day they come to the institution. Families visit the institution once a week, during these visits they observe the work carried out with their children and participate in the practices.

Within the scope of the support education program, individuals with Down Syndrome who are not in the compulsory education age or who need special education and rehabilitation services who are out of the compulsory education age, are provided with individual and/or group sessions on a certain day and time of the week. Special education, language and speech, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports, game therapy, job and vocational skills training, psychological support are included in the program, which is organized according to the characteristics and needs of the individual with Down Syndrome. The titles in question may vary according to the performances of the children attending the program.

Education / Therapy Type

One-on-One Sessions / Group Sessions / Part Time / Full Time

Intensive one-on-one sessions are occasionally replaced by small group activities to allow children to interact with their classmates and increase their social participation.