Education / Therapy Environment

For Beginning Level
We utilize the power of sports at every stage of education with our sports activities tailored to physical characteristics and needs.
The play therapies we create by adhering to a set program increase the commitment of our students and provide them with pleasant moments.
We know that practice is as valuable as theory in education. We clearly observe the skills of our students in the practice house we have created with this awareness.
We aim to eliminate all obstacles with our physiotherapy activities that will strengthen the physical mobility of our students.
With our personalized occupational therapy activities, we increase our students' skills in activities of daily living.
In line with our goal of making their lives easier, we aim to provide vocational skills to our students with Down Syndrome and we closely follow their career processes.
We aim to keep motivation high by providing psychological support to our students who are subjected to discrimination, peer bullying and are not sufficiently understood.