Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

What Causes Down Syndrome?

The exact cause of Down Syndrome has not been explained yet. At this point, when past cases are examined, the prominent risk factors are genetic disorders in the family, having a family member with Down Syndrome before, and maternal age.

How Is Down Syndrome Determined?

Down Syndrome can be detected during pregnancy with dual, triple and quadruple screening tests.

These tests can be summarized as follows:
Dual Test Triple Test Quadruple Test

It is usually done between 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy. In ultrasound, the nuchal thickness of the baby and the level of B-HCG and PAPP-A hormones in the blood taken from the mother are measured.

Performed between the 15th and 22nd week of pregnancy. B-HCG, AFP and estriol levels are checked in the blood taken from the mother.

It is done between the 15th and 22nd week of pregnancy. Here, inhibin A level is also examined in addition to the hormones B-HCG, AFP and estriol measured in the triple test.

What are the Common Health Problems in Down Syndrome?