DOSD Vocational Employment Program

The DOSD Vocational Employment Program aims to increase access to the workforce for all people with Down Syndrome. Through the cooperation of employers, government agencies and other key stakeholders (Meram Municipality, Necmettin Erbakan University, Meram Directorate of National Education), DOSD aims to create meaningful changes in the professional lives of people with Down Syndrome across the country. With this employment program, DOSD aims to develop policies that increase individuals' access to competitive integrated employment, create valuable resources for society, provide support and training, provide technical assistance to companies, and emphasize the success of employees and business owners with Down Syndrome.

The DOSD Vocational Employment Program can be summarized as below:

DOSD is a supporter and advocate of policies that support access to employment at the country and local levels.

Resources are developed in partnership with technical experts to support people and employers in the Down Syndrome community.

Close relationships are developed and maintained with companies across the country to create employment pathways for people with Down Syndrome. Technical assistance is also offered to companies working to build an inclusive workplace.

Organizations contracted with DOSD are provided with local support and training to increase the employment results of people with Down Syndrome.

The professional achievements of these special people are supported in order to promote employment in the society and to show the value of individuals with Down Syndrome.

DOSD will form a network of approximately 100 businesses managed by people with Down Syndrome.