Education Model

Philosophy of the Program and Educational Approach

The program is based on a pragmatist philosophy with a holistic approach. The program is based on the cooperation of educational institutions, families and other stakeholders for the development of the individual with Down Syndrome. Education is based on the operation of the process by embedding teaching, monitoring, generalization and permanence in daily routines with a spiral programming understanding in the structure that all stakeholders are in, and creating small challenge opportunities as capabilities develop. The program is based on cooperation in special education, psychiatry, psychology, psychological counselling, education program, child development, basic education, sports sciences and arts. Based on the performance of each individual, an interdisciplinary approach has been adopted in cooperation with the fields required for development.

Programın Yapısı

The program consists of 8 dimensions, 3 main and 10 sub-level objectives, measurement tools, teaching activities and materials. In each dimension, there are activities that differ according to age and personal characteristics.

Achievements by Program Components