Mehmet Munlafalıoğlu

  • President

All Differences are a Wealth in DOSD Meram

Hello dear visitors,

Our children with Down Syndrome, who experience all emotions at their peak with their different genetic characteristics, are more unique and special than anyone and anything else with their loving hearts. These individuals, who have a very valuable position in our society, radiate a great energy to their surroundings with their purity and loving hearts.

The unique love in the hearts of our individuals with Down Syndrome and the meaningful smile on their faces deeply affect everyone around them. In this way, these special children, who are the pioneers of real change by raising awareness in all environments they are in, make meaningful contributions to our goal of a more tolerant, more inclusive and fairer world.

The smiles, sincerity and loving attitudes of our special children have led to the emergence of an institution like DOSD Meram in Konya, Mevlana's city of tolerance. DOSD Meram, which was implemented in cooperation with Meram Municipality, Necmettin Erbakan University and Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education, is a distinguished center that aims to facilitate the lives of our individuals with Down Syndrome and their devoted families.

In all its activities, our institution blends the gains from our ancient culture and spiritual values with reason and science. Behavior-based interventions and cognitive approaches are used in our personal training programs for individuals with Down Syndrome. Community and environmental opportunities and the deep memory of our culture are among the other topics we use in all our programs.

DOSD Meram, which contributes to our individuals with Down Syndrome at every stage of their lives, from their education to their professional lives, also aims to benefit the families of our special individuals. The fact that families are also at the focus of our training program reveals the wide scope of our goal of making the lives of our individuals with Down Syndrome easier.

Great efforts and sacrifices have been made for this goodness movement, which we hope will spread from our district to our city, from our city to our country and from our country to the whole world. After 1.5 years of intensive work, we have no doubt that DOSD Meram, which we have put into operation after 1.5 years of intensive work, will become a model structure that is exemplary throughout the country in a short time with its new and unique structure. Our training program, which was created by combining the knowledge and skills of many programs, strongly supports this argument.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our goal of a fairer world where individuals with Down Syndrome will live on equal terms with all other groups.