Meet us at DOSD Meram!

We are ready for success with our personalized education model for individuals with Down Syndrome.

Age 0-6

Early childhood and
preparation for basic education.

Age 7-15

Support for children at
basic education level.

Age 16 and over

Lifelong learning and
vocational training.
In the DOSD Center, education and rehabilitation services are provided within the scope of special education support programs. Support education program is the services provided to children with Down Syndrome who benefit from a school program, but who also need special education or who want to receive individual and/or group education on a certain day and time of the week.

We Are +1 Different With Our
Education Model

DOSD Meram is based on education on the basis of cooperation between stakeholders with an early education understanding and a holistic approach.

In line with an initial performance determined by professionals, the program is planned with an approach based on interdisciplinary cooperation, recorded with professional educators' observations, checklists, rubrics, teaching charts, teaching using effective teaching techniques, determining post-teaching developments with objective measurement tools, and when necessary. We promise an education that is reorganized with revisions and comparable on the basis of an open system.

What awaits you at DOSD Meram?

DOSD Meram, which will be operational for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families, is with you for life.

Hobby Areas

We are +1 different with our hobby areas that make all educational processes fun.

Social Facilities

We are +1 different with our social facilities that will facilitate the lives of our special individuals and increase their enthusiasm for life.

Preparation for Business Life

We are +1 different with the responsibility we take in preparing our students for business life at every stage of our education.

Education with Families

We are aware that the main role in education is in the family… We are +1 different with the parent programs we carry out in this context.


Areas that are organized according to the characteristics and needs of individuals with Down Syndrome and where the principle of individuality is observed.
We benefit from the power of sports at every stage of education with our sports activities aimed at physical characteristics and needs.
The play therapies that we create by sticking to the determined program increase the loyalty of our students and give them pleasant moments.
We know that practice is as valuable as theory in education. In the practice house we created with this awareness, we clearly observe the skills of our students.
We aim to eliminate all obstacles with our physiotherapy activities that will strengthen the physical mobility of our students.
With our personalized occupational therapy activities, we increase the skills of our students in daily life activities.
Based on our goal of making their entire lives easier, we aim to equip our students with Down Syndrome with professional skills and closely follow their career processes.
We aim to keep their motivation high by providing psychological support to our students who are exposed to discrimination, peer bullying and who are poorly understood.


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